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Add an Electronic Version of My Bill

What Can I Do?


You can receive some bills electronically through Tower Business Bill Pay.

We have established relationships with hundreds of companies nationwide, and these companies can send you an electronic version of a bill through Tower Business Bill Pay. These electronic bills, which are also called e-bills, typically contain the same information included in the printed bills that are mailed to you.

The biller may offer the following features as part of the electronic billing service:

Adding an Electronic Version of a Bill

Some billers require a contact email address when you add an electronic version of a bill. For other billers, this information is optional. However, a biller may use the email address to contact you if there is a question about a payment.

To add an electronic version of a bill:

  1. Type the information required by the biller.
    The biller may require information such as the Federal Tax Identification Number, also known as the Employer Identification Number (EIN), for the business. The biller may also require you to enter the account number again.
    Tip: If you must re-enter the account number, be sure to enter it exactly as described on this page. The biller may require additional information to activate electronic bills for the account.
  2. Select one of the following options for receiving emails:
  3. Review the email address and type a new one if necessary.
    Note:  The Level 1 User is the only user who has the authority to change the email address. If you type a new email address, you change the address we use to send correspondence about the Tower Business Bill Pay service.
  4. If the biller does not require an email address, you can select either Yes or No.
  5. If the service address information appears on this page, verify that it matches the address where the biller provides service. Make any changes to the address to match the billing records.
  6. If the biller's Terms & Conditions appear on this page, review the information and select the box to indicate that you've read and agree to them.
  7. Click Add Feature.
    A message informs you that your request to add an electronic version of the bill has been sent to the biller for approval.
  8. Click Finished.
    The Payment Center opens, and you can find your bill in the Pay Bills section.

Look for a message in the Tower Business Bill Pay inbox that lets you know when the biller has activated electronic billing service. It may take a month or more to receive the first electronic bill, depending on the billing cycle.

When you start receiving electronic versions of a bill, an electronic bill icon appears next to the biller name in the Pay Bills section of the Payment Center. You can click the electronic bill icon to view and pay the bill.

A reminder also appears below the bill that shows the amount due and due date from the bill. The reminder appears as soon as Tower Business Bill Pay receives the bill from the biller.

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