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Recent Payments

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The Recent Payments section presents a quick summary of bill payments for the past 45 days. This section lists the bills that were paid, the amount or status of the payment, and the pay date. It also provides a total amount for all payments listed in this section.

If the payment was processed normally, you see the amount of the payment. If you canceled the payment, you see the status of the payment. The payment total includes only those payments that were processed normally.

Viewing the Recent Payments

All payments from the past 45 days are listed in this section.

Tip: If you're having trouble recognizing a bill, you can move your mouse over a biller to see the biller's full name.

To go to the Recent Payments section:

  1. Click Payment Center on any page.
    The Payment Center opens.
  2. Go to the Recent Payments section.

To view the recent payments:

Go to the top of the page.

Viewing the Bill Payment History

You can view the bill payment history for the past 18 months on the View Payments and Bills page. You can enter search criteria to find the specific bills and payments you want to view. You can also download payment information to a comma-separated values (CSV) file, QuickBooks® file, or Quicken® file.

To view the bill payment history:

  1. Click View Bill History.
    The View Payments and Bills page opens.
  2. View the bill payment history.

Go to the top of the page.